An easy to use, integrated tool for anonymous search, email, payment, and password protection.


Access to the experts and other resources you need to help you protect your digital identity.


We are working with groups around the world to inform citizens, corporations, and policy makers.

The Mission

As a 501c3 non-profit we need your help in creating a free service that will allow you to OWN and control ALL the personal information that you currently give away for free every time you send an email, search or visit a website, and purchase anything on your computer or smart phone. In other words, we want to give you back control of an integral part of your persona – what you do online. The important distinction of this service is that not only is your anonymity, the ability to be non-identifiable preserved, but even more importantly your privacy is finally truly protected by giving you the ability to control what you release into the digital world about yourself.

Data Records Stolen
Cost of Identity Theft

Price on the Black Market ($)

Complete identity record 30.00
Health care record 10.00
Credit card account 1.00
Social Security Number 0.00
The Challenge

The market value to business and criminals created by selling or stealing your personal digital data is estimated at almost $1 trillion per year. This means they make almost $3,000 per year off you in return for their 'free services' and by you unintentionally exposing your data to the world. While at the same time, on average it would cost you about $500 and 30 hours to fix the damage on your credit reports from the fraudulent use of your data, assuming it ever gets fixed and doesn't also cost you a loan, a job, or your reputation.


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